About Us

The Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a local unit of government in Crow Wing County, Minnesota dedicated to soil and water conservation. Our mission is to work cooperatively with the public, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities in protecting our water and land resources through the use of conservation practices; providing local leadership for the prudent use and conservation of water, soil, and associated resources while serving as a local natural resource information center.

We have been providing local expertise on water quality, erosion control and natural resources since 1956.

Board Meetings
Monthly Board Meeting of Supervisors are held on the third Wednesday, of every month at 9:00 am in the Crow Wing County Land Services Building, downstairs Meeting Room, at 322 Laurel St. Brainerd, MN 56401

Crow Wing SWCD Staff

Tasha Lauer, Melissa Barrick, Sheila Boldt,
Ben LeMire, Darren Mayers, Nick Johnson,
Beth Hippert

The SWCD Office is located in the Land Services Building in downtown Brainerd behind the old courthouse at 322 Laurel Street, Suite 22, Brainerd, Minnesota 56401.

  • Melissa Barrick - District Manager: melissa.barrick@crowwingswcd.org
  • Beth Hippert - District Technician: beth.hippert@crowwingswcd.org
  • Darren Mayers - District Technician: darren.mayers@crowwingswcd.org
  • Tasha Lauer- District Coordinator: tasha.lauer@crowwingswcd.org
  • Sheila Boldt-Conservation Outreach: sheila.boldt@crowwingswcd.org
  • Nick Johnson-Natural Resources Intern
  • Ben LeMire-CCMI Intern

A list of contact information for SWCDs in Minnesota is available from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources at http://www.bwsr.state.mn.us/directories/SWCD_Dir.pdf

SWCD Supervisors

Managers2014JoAnn Weaver
Albrecht                     Koering               Jacobson               Waytashek            Weaver

Five elected citizens serve on the Board of Supervisors. The Board meets monthly and as necessary to oversee the activities and fiscal management of the SWCD.

  • Diane Jacobson-Chairman, District 2
  • Bob Albrecht - Vice-Chairman, District 5
  • Leonard Koering - Treasurer, District 1
  • Roger Waytashek - Secretary, District 3
  • JoAnn Weaver - Reporter, District 4

Crow Wing SWCD Supervisors Districts Map

Bob Becker-Retired, District 4
Robert Becker Retirement zoom

Soil and Water Conservation District History-click here

NRCS Staff


Baxter Field Office:  7118 Clearwater Road, Baxter, Minnesota 56425

  • Candi Fuller-Soil Conservation Technician: 218-829-5965 EXT 3, candi.fuller@mn.usda.gov

Aitkin Field Office:  130 Southgate Dr, Aitkin, MN 56431

  • Scott Kittleson- District Conservationist: 218-927-2413, EXT 111, scott.kittleson@mn.usda.gov