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SWCD Funding

Brochure - Crow Wing & Aiktin Easements and Forestry

Current SWCD Grants Available

Call Crow Wing SWCD at 218-828-6197

1.  Forest Stewardship Plans: Manage your woods of 20 acres or more, funding available, plus incentives. see below for more information or Call Clayton at Crow Wing SWCD at 218-828-6197.  For 19 acres or less, please see Fee Schedule or call.

2. Environmental Grants: 50% to 75% Cost Sharing for environmental projects: FCFS, limited funding available for Shoreline Restorations, Rain Gardens, Erosion Control. Project does not have to be on a lake or river. Call Crow Wing SWCD at 218-828-6197 or fill out site visit request online.

3.  RIM Conservation Easements:
      Protect Your Land for Future Generations
Help permanently protect declining wild rice feeding habitat, quality drinking water and other ecologically important riparian lands.

$$ Funds available for parcels located along; DNR designated Shallow Wild Rice Lakes, The Pine River and The Mississippi River.

       Preferred Easement Criteria              

  • Minimum of 300ft of shoreline
  • Minimum of 300ft of Depth from shoreline
  • Minimum of 20 acres
  • Threatened by development
  • Adjoining public land
  • Unique habitat value
  • Land with Inlet or outlet of lake
  • Currently underdeveloped lake

Call Crow Wing SWCD at 218-828-6197

Forest Stewardship Plans - click here

Manage your woods of 20 acres or more, plus incentives.


  • 20 acre minimum
  • No maximum acreage enrolled
  • Public access required if >1920 acres enrolled
  • Exclude 3 acre minimum for building
  • 8 year minimum enrollment; 4 years to end agreement
  • Pay usual property tax, class rate varies from 0.50% to 1.25% depending on class and property's value.  Get $7.00/acre/year minimum incentive payment (8.61 actual payment in 2008)
  • Property tax qualifies for itemized deduction on federal income tax return, but SFIA payment is taxable income

  • 20 acre minimum
  • 1920 acre maximum enrolled
  • Public access not required
  • Exclude 3 acre minimum for building
  • 1 year minimum enrollment
  • Pay 0.65% Property Tax Class Rate
  • Property tax qualifies for itemized deduction on federal income tax return

For more information on tax relief option for woodland owners, please contact Clayton Lenk at the Crow Wing SWCD at 218-828-6197.










Clean Water Stories

img4Community Partners Stormwater Reduction Mini-Grants
You should apply for this grant if you want to work with your neighbors or collaborate with a local organization to filter rainwater on the landscape and improve water quality! Up to 75% of project expenses for projects up to $25,000 can be reimbursed to grantees.

Project Recharge! Restoring the Natural Hydrology to Urban Lakesheds
Crow Wing SWCD has done cost-share with landowners within Crosslake, Breezy Point, Fifty Lakes, and Crosby communities on shoreline buffers, shoreline stabilization projects, raingardens, and no-mow zones.

img3For more information about these conservation practices, download and read the Crow Wing County "Landowner's Guide to Lake Stewardship." Copies are available in the Crow Wing SWCD office at no cost.

Crow Wing SWCD, 322 Laurel Street Suite 22, Brainerd, MN 56401.

The Landowner Agreement outlines the project requirements including estimated project area, cash match, in-kind labor contribution, estimated maximum project cost, maintenance requirements and deed restriction.

legacy-logo1Project Funding
Catch, Clean, Circulate, and Community Partnership / Centered projects are funded through the Board of Water and Soil Resources from the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, Clean Water Fund.