Mississippi River Water Protection  

To provide technical advice and long range woodland management planning to interested landowners. All aspects of the program are voluntary. Plans are designed to meet landowner goals while maintaining the sustainability of the land.

Project purpose:

  • Provide forest stewardship management planning assistance for clean water protection.
  • SWCD will cover cost of plan ($200 + $6.50 acre)

Landowner benefits:

  • Property tax relief thru Sustainable Forestry Incentive Act
  • Financial assistance for forestry projects (50% of cost)

Sample of eligible projects:

  • Tree planting
  • Invasive species control
  • Forest improvements
  • Erosion control
  • Wildlife Habitat

Who May Apply: Private forest landowners including corporations whose stocks are not publicly traded and own between 20 - 1,000 acres of land. At least 20 acres of the land must have or will have trees.

 Why Apply: Upon registration of your stewardship plan, you will be eligible for

  1. Professional forest management assistance from a forester who can, through a forest stewardship plan and recommended forest management activities, help you meet your forest management goals.
  2. For the state's cost share program to help defer the costs of implementation of forest management activities,
  3. To enroll your forested lands into the Sustainable Forestry Incentive Act  and
  4. To receive periodic forest management information mailings from the MN DNR.


Clayton Lenk
District Forestry Technician
Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District