Water Data

Water Quality Data

Surface water quality data for Crow Wing County can be found at the following sites:
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: http://www.pca.state.mn.us/index.php/data/surface-water.html
RMB Environmental Laboratories: http://www.rmbel.info/lakes/
A.W. Research Laboratories: http://www.awlab.com/clientdata.html

Surface Water Monitoring for the Clean Water Act

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASurface Water Assessment Grants: First funded in 2007 by the Minnesota Legislature, Surface Water Assessment Grants (SWAG) provide the SWCD and citizen volunteers with funds to complete the monitoring needed to meet assessment requirements on Minnesota lakes and streams. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) administers the grant program with the goal of monitoring all Minnesota watersheds on a 10-year cycle. The SWCD has monitored 36 lakes and 14 river sites through this program since 2007.

Volunteers use an integrated sampler to take surface water samples on lakes and Secci Disks to get readings of water clarity. They take 3 samples to ensure accuracy. The secci disk is lowered into the water until it is no longer seen, the volunteer then raises it to the point that it reappears and measures the distance between that point and the surface of the water.

All volunteers record data and the information that may be a factor for extreme variations in data. the time the samples were taken, the weather conditions (wind, temperature, and cloud cover), and activities or events in the previous day or even week that may influence the data such as rainfall and recreational activity on the lake. For example, there may be a correlation between high boat activity and one weekend and a large algae bloom the following week.

Reports of grants received from the Minnesota Pollution Agency are available for download at the following links:

2007-2008 Lakes Monitored: Camp (18-0018-00), Clearwater (18-0038-00), Crow Wing (18-0155), Arbor/Goose (18-0080),Gull (11-0218), Nisswa (18-0399), Portage (18-0050), Rabbit (18-0093), Ross (18-0165), Shirt Lake (18-0072), Stark (18-0169), White Sand (18-0379), Crooked (18-041-2), Hanks (18-044), Perch (18-371), Portsmouth Mine (18-0437), Roy (18-398), Sugar Bay (18-041-1), West Twin (18-167).

2009-2010 Lakes Monitored: Borden (18-020), Grave (18-0110), Blue (18-0043), Lower Mission (18-0243), Upper Mission (18-0242), Reno (18-0067), and Turner (18-0135).

2009-2010 Streams Monitored: Gull River at 122nd Ave.

2010-2011 Lakes Monitored: Agate (11-0216), Mollie (18-0335), Perch (18-0304), Ray (11-0220), Spider (11-0221), Jail (18-0415), Love (18-0388), Turner, Unnamed Cranberry (18-0433).

2010-2011 Streams Monitored: Gull River (10UM051), Crow Wing River (S001-926), Crow Wing River (S001-176), Swan Creek (10UM049), Blueberry River (00UM025), Daggett Brook (S006-372), Little Pine Creek (S006-294), Hay Creek (S004-381), Hay Creek S006-250), Upper Hay Creek (S004-327).

2011-2012 Lakes Monitored: Little Bass (18-0254).

2011-2012 Streams Monitored: Little Buffalo (S006-602), Casey Brook (S005-458), Cedar Brook (S005-457).

2012-2013 Lakes Monitoring: Anna (18-0213), Bass (18-0358), Blue (18-0211), Duck (18-0314), Hen (18-0270), Lows (18-0180), Pickerel (18-0205).

2012-2013 Streams Monitoring: Daggett Brook (S006-229), Pine River (S000-181), Little Pine River (S006-294).

2013-2014 Lake Monitoring: Kenny Lake(18-0019), Scott Lake (18-0033), Smith Lake (18-0028)